A Tribute to Gene Krupa Credits

The following publications & people assisted in the creation of this site:

World of Gene Krupa by Bruce H. Klauber. 1990 Pathfinder Publishing(ISBN 0-934793-28-X). A collection of interviews, reviews and recollections by Gene & other musicians. Reviews of recordings and concerts, discography & an excellent discography.

Gene Krupa His Life & Times by Bruce Crowther. 1992 Rebeats Publications(ISBN 0-87663-531-1).

High Times Hard Times by Anita O'Day with George Eells. 1981-87 Limelight Editions (ISBN 0-87910-118-0). Absolutely riveting biography of Anita's tumultuous life. Brings a whole new prospective on the life of a jazz musician.

Drummin' Men: The Heartbeat of Jazz - The Swing Years by Burt Korall. 1990 Schirmer Books (ISBN 0-02-872000-8). Great book about jazz drummers by a jazz drummer. Based largely on Burt's experiences and quotes from fellow musician's. Sections on Gene, Chick Webb, Sid Catlett, Davey Tough, Buddy Rich, Jo Jones, Ray McKinley, Sonny Greer, Cozy Cole, George Wettling and more. Killer!

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra Volume 1(1935-46) & Volume 2(1947-73) by Charles Garrod. 1996 Joyce Record Club Publications. Two extensive discographies of Gene's live & studio recordings as a leader.

The Slingerland Book by Rob Cook. 1996 Rebeats Publications. Great reference for Krupa fans and drummers alike. Loaded with information, catalog reprints, photos and much more. Production quality is a bit dodgy but still worth the cost.

Benny Goodman and the Swing Era by James Lincoln Collier. 1989 Oxford University Press (ISBN 0-19-506776-2). Probably the best bio ever written on Benny. Reveals the positive & negative sides of his personality. Lots of insight into Benny & Gene's collaborations.

Traps The Drum Wonder - The Life of Buddy Rich by Mel Torme. 1991 Rebeats Publications (ISBN 1-888408-02-2). Mel Torme's wonderful biography of his close friend, Buddy Rich. Recommended reading for any fan of drumming.

The Encyclopedia of Jazz by Leonard Feather. 1960 Da Capo Press(ISBN 0-306-80213-7) "The" Jazz Bible.

Benny-King Of Swing. 1979 Thames and Hudson Ltd(ISBN 0-688-03502-7). A pictorial biography based on Benny Goodman's own archives.

The Great American Drums And the Companies That Made Them, 1920-1969. by Harry Cangany. 1996 Modern Drummer Publications(ISBN 0-7395-6356-9) Excellent reference guide on every significant drum company in the U.S. prior to 1969.

Who's Who of Jazz-Storyville to Swing Street. by John Chilton. 1978 Time-Life. Excellent book in the vein of the "Encyclopedia of Jazz."

What Jazz Is All About by Lillian Ehrlich. 1975 Julian Messner(ISBN 0-671-32730-5). Traces jazz evolution from Africa through the "Jazz-Rock" genre.

The Swing Era Into the 50's - How Sex was Invented. 1973 Time-Life. This volume of "The Swing Era" features a section on Gene. Interviews with the man himself, as well as lots of pictures.

Louie Bellson Honors 12 Super-Drummers: Their Time Was the Greatest! by Louie Bellson. 1997 Warner Bros.(ISBN 0-7692-1692-7) Play Along Book with CD, features great photos of Gene with Louie(1941 Drum Contest) and many other jazz drummers.

The World of Jazz by Rodney Dale. 1979 Basinghall Books Limited. Superb "coffee-table" book covers every style of jazz. Lots of rare pictures.

I also wish to thank Louie Bellson, Brooks Tegler, Dr. Bruce Klauber, John Higgins (formerly of Slingerland), Paul Testa, Lou Stavris, Ray Szymarek Jr., Philip Dossick, Joe Pagano from the Gene Krupa Reference Page, Denny Brown, Ronnie Magri, Lee Sherpa, and Roy Anderson, President of the GK International Jazz Association, for their assistance and valuable input!

Many thanks to all of you that have emailed with your personal memories and recollections of Gene.

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