A Tribute to Gene Krupa Gene Krupa Filmography

Feature Films

The Big Broadcast of 1937 - 1936 film with Benny Goodman & his Orchestra. 100 Minutes.

Hollywood Hotel - 1937 film with Benny Goodman & his Orchestra. 110 Minutes.

Some Like It Hot - 1938 film with Gene receiving billing under Bob Hope and Shirley Ross. Film has since been retitled as "Rhythm Romance", due to the Marilyn Monroe film of same name. Available on home video.

  Ball of Fire - 1941 with Barbara Stanwyck & Gary Cooper. Contained the famous clip of Gene playing "Drum Boogie" on matchbox. 112 minutes/available on home video.

Syncopation - 1942 with Goodman, Joe Venuti, Charlie Barnet, Harry James etc. 88 minutes.

George White's Scandals - 1945 features Gene's second band(with strings). Includes Leave Us Leap & Bolero in the Jungle. 95 minutes/available on home video.

Beat the Band - 1947 band with Gerry Mulligan. 67 Minutes.

Boy! What A Girl! - 1947 with Sid Catlett, Slam Stewart. 70 Minutes/available on home video.

Smart Politics - 1948 with Freddie Stewart and June Preisser & the Harmonica Boys. Features Gene on the tune "Young Man with the Beat." 68 Minutes.

Glamour Girl - 1948 with Gene's second band. Features "Gene's Boogie." 68 Minutes.

The Glenn Miller Story - 1953 with Louis Armstrong and drum duel with Cozy Cole. 116 Minutes/available on home video.

The Benny Goodman Story - 1955 plays himself. Speaking role and plays with Goodman Band. 116 Minutes/available on home video.

The Gene Krupa Story - ("Drum Crazy")1959 film with Sal Mineo as Gene Krupa. Gene plays drums on soundtrack and (reportedly)has a cameo in the "parlor" scene. 99 Minutes/available on home video.

Smart Politics  The Benny Goodman Story  Some Like It Hot  Glamour Girl  Beat the Band

Music Film Shorts

Gene Krupa - America's Ace Drummer Man & his Orchestra
- 1940, 10 minute film features 3 tunes including Jungle Madness. Features Irene Day and Howard Dulaney.

Let Me Off Uptown - 1942 short featuring Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge, included on "Gene Krupa Jazz Legend."

Follow That Music - 1946 featurette has Gene in humorous acting role as drummer "Gene King." Includes a very young Red Rodney on trumpet.

Drummer Man - 1947, 15 minute film included full band on "Lover", "Boogie Blues", "Blanchette" and "Leave Us Leap." Jazz Trio performance of "Stompin' At the Savoy."

Thrills of Music Series - 10 minute film from 1948 features "Bop Boogie", "Sabre Dance" and "Disc Jockey Jump."

Gene Krupa & his Orchestra - 1949 band complete with sunglasses and berets, 15 minutes. Features "Lemon Drop", "Deep Purple", "Bop Boogie", "Acrobatic Boogie" and "Melody In F." Includes a young Frank Rosolino on trombone and also scat singing on "Lemon Drop."

Jamming with Gene Krupa - 1959 film short promoting "The Gene Krupa Story." Features Gene teaching Sal Mineo various aspects of his drumming. Included in the DCI video "Gene Krupa Jazz Legend."

Big Broadcast of 1937    Hollywood Hotel    Ball of Fire    George White's Scandals    Glenn Miller Story

Compilation Videos and Documentaries

Make Believe Ballroom - 1949 last big band appearance. Also features Jimmy Dorsey, Charlie Barnet & Nat "King" Cole. 78 Minutes.

Jazz Ball - 1956 compilation of clips featuring Gene Krupa and several other swing bands. 60 Minutes/available on home video.

Swing - Best of the Big Bands - MCA Video 4 video release includes various clips from "Drummer Man" and "Gene Krupa & his Orchestra" film shorts. Also features many other top big bands. Available on home video.

Benny Goodman "Adventures in the Kingdom of Swing" - 1993 Columbia Music Video. Public television documentary featuring rare footage, including short clip of 1973 Carnegie Hall rehearsals with Gene. 60 Minutes/available on home video.

Gene Krupa - Jazz Legend- 1993 DCI Video release chronicles Gene's career through video clips. Features commentary by Steve Allen & Louie Bellson. 60 Minutes/available on home video.

Gene Krupa - Swing, Swing, Swing - 1999 Tahoe Productions release by Bruce Klauber is chock full of great live performances, rare promotional films, interviews and more. 60 Minutes/available on home video.

Buddy Rich - Jazz Legend Part 1 - DCI Video. - features drum battle with BR from 1966 Sammy Davis Jr. tv show. Gene's detiorating health is sadly evident. 67 Minutes/available on home video.

Legends of Jazz Drumming Volume 1 - DCI Video. - features a promotional clip of the original Goodman Trio from the mid-fifties, made for the "Benny Goodman Story."

Syncopation Boy! What a Girl! Gene Krupa Story Adventures in the Kingdom of Swing Gene Krupa Jazz Legend Swing Swing Swing Legends of Jazz Drumming

TV Appearances

Sid Caesar Show - Hilarious 1954 appearance with Benny Goodman and Mel Powell recreating the legendary 1937 Paramount performance. Features Trio on "After You've Gone" and full band on "Sing, Sing, Sing." Sid Caesar even takes a chorus on the latter on tenor sax!

Timex All-Star Jazz Show with Steve Allen - First show from December 30, 1957 featuring Cozy Cole, Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, The Dave Brubeck Quartet & others. Gene, along with Charlie Ventura and Bobby Scott, have a killer performance of "Dark Eyes."

Timex All-Star Jazz Show with Garry Moore - Second Show from April 30, 1958 again features Cozy Cole, Louis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden. Also includes Gerry Mulligan, Lionel Hampton and Jaye P. Morgan.

Timex All-Star Jazz Show with Jackie Gleason - January 7, 1959 tv performance teams Gene with Louis Armstrong and Bobby Hackett. 60 Minutes/available on home video.

Playboy's Penthouse - Filmed December 4, 1960 with the Quartet includes performance of "Caravan."

Bell Telephone Hour - 1961 reunion of Benny Goodman Trio.

Tonight Show - 1962 "Drum Boogie" performance with NBC Orchestra. Amusing "drum talk" exchange with Donald O'Connor.

Dean Martin Show - 1965, features Quartet on "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "Fascinating Rhythm/I Got Rhythm" with Martin, Bob Newhart, Dom Deluise and Liberace.

Mike Douglas Show - March 8, 1965. Gene with Carmen Leggio on tenor, Dick Wellstood on piano, and Eddie DeHaas on bass. .

Mike Douglas Show - March 9, 1966. Gene with Carmen Leggio on tenor, Dick Wellstood on piano, and Eddie DeHaas on bass. .

One Night Stand with Lionel Hampton - Canadian Television 1971, features Mel Torme, Mel Lewis, Teddy Wilson, & drum battle with Buddy Rich. 50 Minutes/available on home video.

All-Star Swing Fest at Lincoln Center - 1972 performance features Benny Goodman Quartet Reunion. 60 Minutes.

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