These charts are 2 of the original dubbing charts for The Shining, done by Gordon Stainforth. They are the rough charts for reel numbers 14 & 15. On the left of each chart, you can read the particular scene that correlates with the music. In certain cases, phrases were used on the charts instead of the actual song title, such as "twittering." The numbers shown are the footages(the foot number within the particular reel).

The first chart is the second version of reel #14. The spidery writing in black and blue is that of Stanley Kubrick, written during a test-run in the dubbing theater.

The second chart is of reel #15. This chart shows the complexity of the soundtrack at the very end of the film as Jack is chasing Danny in the hedge-maze and Wendy encounters the ghosts in the Overlook.

Reel #15 Chart
Reel #14 Chart