Please review this before emailing. Due to my schedule, I'm not always able to respond to every email I receive so hopefully any questions not answered elsewhere on this site can be answered here. These are the most common questions I have received over the years in regards to The Shining and the Soundtrack:

Q: What's going on when Wendy sees the man & a person in a dog suit in a room near the end of the movie?

A: This is a reference to a character in Stephen King's novel. It's been years since I read it but the man is a wealthy bisexual socialite who called the other man "my little doggy", hence the dog suit.

Q: Where is the hotel used in The Shining located?

A: There is no actual hotel that was used for the filming. The helicoptor shots at the beginning of the movie are of the Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood, Oregon. The interior shots were soundstages built on the backlot of EMI's Elstree Studios in England. Some of the interiors were modeled after actual hotels (such as the Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite National Park), but no "real hotel was used in the film aside from the Timberline.

Q: Was there a soundtrack released for The Shining?

A: Yes. Warner Brothers released an Lp soundtrack after the film was released but it was pulled from their catalog a short time later.

Q: Why hasn't Warner Bros released the soundtrack on cd?

A: I have no firm answer as to why the soundtrack isn't available. Possible reasons are that Warner Bros never had authorization to use certain songs when the original Lp was released. Another reason I've been told is that WB paid very large royalties in order to use a certain song(s), so they may have eventually decided that the cost was not worth keeping it available.

Q: I have heard of a Japanese CD of the soundtrack. How can I buy it?

A: This cd is a bootleg, in other words it's not a legally produced recording. It is a direct transfer from the original WB soundtrack Lp (you can hear an occasional pop & crackle on the cd). As I mentioned earlier, WB has never re-released the soundtrack so any cd you may find is a bootleg. Screen Archives sells this particular cd but I will leave it to you to find them, as to not encourage purchasing illegal recordings.

Q: Whatever happened to Danny Lloyd? A: I have no idea. I've read various rumors but I have no way of verifying them, so they may not be true. Some reports say that he's now a schoolteacher in the midwest.